Creating Partnerships

Here’s Something To Feel Good About Today… In these tough economic times many of us are called upon to be more creative, to go outside our familiar boxes and try something new. For me this means reaching out more, connecting on deeper levels and working with others in ways I’ve not needed to before. While this feels like a...

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Marlene’s Mid-Life Diary I’m hoping to get a positive response from the recruiter about the Optometric Technician position. The other day I felt as if my life had circled backwards and my ego had trouble coming to terms with this. After hearing how many people have applied for this position and speaking with my sister and a...

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Watch Your Feet

Here’s Something To Feel Good About Today… Where you one of those kids who loved roller coaster rides? Not me, I was terrified! I gave several amusement park rides a chance and the only one that I enjoyed at all, was the Ferris wheel. That was only when my partner agreed in advance not to rock the carriage and only if it...

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Seeking Income

Marlene’s Mid-Life Diary I knew times were tough but I never thought it was that bad until I began looking for employment. After applying for several online ads, I heard back from one that seems promising. After an hour telephone interview and a visit to the prospective place for employment for an additional interview, the...

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Finding Enjoyment

Here’s Something To Feel Good About Today… I road my bike today, for the first time since shipping it across country. I had almost forgotten just how much pleasure it gives me. There was a feeling of total freedom, as thoughts and worries vanished and memories of carefree childhood days flooded my mind. I remembered hours spent...

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Chunk It Down

Here’s Something To Feel Good About Today… Nothing is more overwhelming than viewing a huge task and wondering how it will ever get done. At a recent conference my friend and motivational speaker, Lisa Nichols talked about breaking large tasks into smaller manageable sized pieces, she referred to it as “chunking down” Just...

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