Health Issues

Seems the gluten intolerance has lowered my immune system and created havoc in my body. Parasites, bacteria and Candida are all having a party at my expense. I’ve been healthy all my life or so I thought, but now I realize I’ve had issues all my life due to my sensitivity to gluten. One little protein can create so much damage...

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Here’s Something To Feel Good About Today… “Believe in yourself. Great things are going to happen.” I read these words everyday posted on the wall in my office/studio. My guardian angel for SUCCESS is suspended from a pale blue, satin ribbon. She is very fragile, lavender, ceramic figure, superimposed on a pale blue heart....

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Putting Heart Into It

Here’s Something To Feel Good About Today… Having lunch in a restaurant today, my husband and I both commented on our waiter. His demeanor and customer service were really outstanding. Friendly and polite, he made a few suggestions as to what he felt were the chef’s specialties. Throughout our meal, he was attentive to every...

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Feelings Surface

What I wrote yesterday was the intellectual rationalization for what I am going through. Today I’m trying to make sense of the fact that I feel as if I’ve slipped back twenty five years and wonder why? I can tell myself all kinds of things to feel better, but the bottom line is I’m baffled by this.

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Coming Full Circle

Here I am creating a new brand and looking for a job to pay the bills at the same time. It feels like such an extreme place to be. One of the ads I responded to is to do similar work that I did twenty five years ago. At first it was very depressing, until I could see positive aspects of it. I will be doing something I am very...

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Start Over Anytime

Here’s Something To Feel Good About Today… It was one of those days that got off to a bad start and before long I found myself in a foul mood. No matter what I told myself, or how I tried to reframe my thoughts, I just couldn’t shake my negative feelings. Then my friend called and asked if she could come over to swim in the...

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