Building Our Team

Recognizing that we have definite strengths and weaknesses that need balancing, we have started to build our team. We have plenty of abstract thoughts and an abundance of creative Ideas; but execution is everything. We are so happy to have found someone who can fill that gaping hole. There are still other roles to fill but one...

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Taking Time

Here’s Something To Feel Good About Today… It’s just as important to take time off and relax as it is to pursue your dreams. The in between moments without thinking and doing, are necessary to be able to begin again refreshed and relaxed. When you need it, take some time for yourself. No one else’s permission is necessary....

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Just Enjoying

Had a wonderful day doing nothing but relaxing and swimming. Hanging out and rejuvenating is just what I needed.

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Speaking Up

Here’s Something To Feel Good About Today… While I don’t like confrontations, it’s become much easier for me to speak up. Whether for my own behalf or for others, I can’t stand the discomfort of holding back and swallowing my words. What I’ve learned though is the importance of expressing myself in a benign and...

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Standing Up

Seems I am being tested to speak up and take a stand for myself. It may mean initiating a law suit, something I am not looking forward to but feel I must do, to make things right. It amazes me that someone can lie, cheat and steal and think they are justified and can get away with it. This person had no legal right to continue to...

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Behind The Scenes

Here’s Something To Feel Good About Today… There are times when all my best efforts feel as though they have hit a wall. That sense of stagnation invites doubts and uncertainty to creep in. I forget that there is a time for everything and that even though it feels like nothing is happening, something is creating movement...

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