The Process Of Letting Go

Here’s something to Feel Good About Today… Before moving on it’s essential to let go. Think about your closet. There’s no room for anything new if it’s stuffed to the brim with garments that haven’t been worn in years or outdated shoes and accessories that no longer suit you. It’s tempting to bring home that new...

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Who Said It Would Be Easy

Making changes isn’t easy but it can be exhilarating and exciting. The only way to experience new opportunities is by opening myself up to them. In the process of taking risks, I am continuously confronted by my own demons. When insecurities resurface and the voices of self- doubt begin a dialogue in my head, I will let them know...

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Open To Possibilities

Here’s something to Feel Good About Today… This was an amazing weekend. I met a remarkable woman named Lisa Nichols and had the privilege of hearing her speak at a church gathering in Oakland, CA. Lisa is an accomplished author, a dynamic speaker and most of all a beacon of light in the world. Her new book NO MATTER WHAT, is a...

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Friends Lift Us

Here’s Something to Feel Good About Today… My close friend Beth called and woke me from my nap. It was the middle of the day and she asked why I was sleeping? I explained it was one of those days when so many things that looked promising took an unexpected turn. Several blows in a row, and I just needed to lie down. As I told...

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This Too Shall Pass

It’s important that I don’t take my feelings too seriously but crucial that I stop to acknowledge them. Today was an emotional roller coaster that I bought a ticket to ride on. Unconscious or not, it was my choice. I began to innumerate the setbacks instead of counting my blessings and as a result felt victimized. My mistake, I...

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Keeping a blog is fun but it’s also an act of faith. Especially in the beginning until you gain a following it feels like sending words into a black hole. I wonder if anyone out there reads what I am writing or if anyone feels touched my words. Today I received an unexpected response. A reader thanked me! She said my words had...

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