Everything Changes

Here’s something to Feel Good About Today… The good news and the bad news is that nothing stays the same. Knowing that provides hope when we are struggling through a difficult time. But change is inevitable and even the greatest of times won’t last indefinitely. Good reason to try and see the benefits of every situation. The...

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House Cleaning

Feeling a little scattered so decided to clean the apartment. Cleaning house clears my head and gives me a clearer perspective. I equate cleaning, vacuuming and doing laundry with starting over again. When my home is in order my mind is clearer and I can focus more easily on the next right things. I remember reading something years...

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Holding Hands

Here’s something to Feel Good About Today… An elderly man and his middle aged son entered the supermarket. It surprised me that they were holding hands; the old man had a cane but wasn’t using it. At first I thought he was depending on his son for support, but that clearly was not the case. They simply wanted to hold...

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Our Essence Never Changes

Here’s something to Feel Good About Today… Through the years I’ve walked, and stumbled through many times of transition. I like to think I’ve grown a lot and overcome many obstacles. Looking back though, I wonder how much I’ve really changed. Certainly behaviors, attitudes and perspectives have altered, but the traits I...

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Keeping The Vision

Hung a few pieces of artwork in my office so I can look at them while I work, I need positive imagery and inspiring words in front of me to keep myself on course. Left to their own devices my thoughts revert to doubt and worst case worry. I see any negative thoughts as balloons that keep inflating until I pop them. I’ve learned...

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Back To My Artwork

I bought a new drafting table today! It replaces the one I had to leave behind when we moved from NY to CA. It’s about half the size of my original one and it does not have a fancy hydraulic base for raising and lowering it easily. Still it’s a reasonable sized work table and it fits perfectly into my office space. I’m...

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