Time Out For Holidays

April 8th. We were invited to Judy and Bob’s house for Passover with her family. I took time out to broil some vegetables to bring. I need to remind myself of the importance of finding and keeping balance in my life. I get so involved in the work that it’s easy to just keep busy and not take the time out to enjoy life’s...

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Listening Is Enough

April 7th My dear childhood friend Amy called today. She is struggling with her ageing parents. I empathized with her. I remember how hard it is and I know it will not get any easier. I just listened, told her I heard her and that I loved her. “I know you’ve been through this and so much more,” she said remembering that...

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April 6th. I have to believe that if I keep putting the positive effort toward making this the best project I can, it will all happen as it is supposed to. It was that way years ago when I began my art career. I remember it felt like I was feeding a slot machine. Finally, years later it paid off and I had established a...

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Fresh Eyes

April 5th. It’s so important for me to realize the value of having other people involved and to be open to their input. There is only so much I can accomplish on my own. Another view point helps me to widen my perspective. The broader picture is always helpful. I had my friend, author Judy read our query letter and make some...

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Perseverance Pays Off

April 4th. It’s a miracle, Jack’s new treatment worked and we have hope again. It reminds me of all the times things have looked bleak or I’ve stood at an impasse, letting go for a time only to pick up the pace and try another way and ultimately succeed. Its part of life and the not giving up is the important part....

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Standing By Commitment

April 3rd. It’s hard to keep working toward a goal or a dream when there is no end in sight. Hard to maintain the momentum when you feel like you are working in a vacuum because what you are doing is so much a product of self generated ideas and plans. Still this is my path and I know it’s the work I am here to do....

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