The Stuff Arrives

Feb. 13th. Three moving men, a few armoires, a couple of dozen boxes, it didn’t seem like this much when we packed it, especially considering all that we already let go of before our move. Robert and I look at each other as if we are about to be buried alive. I tell myself it’s just one box at a time and whatever I don’t...

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What’s Missing?

Feb. 12th. We got the call that our stuff is coming tomorrow on the moving van. Robert and I look at each other horrified. We love our empty closets and cabinets. We have gotten used to our furniture less living room. We can’t seem to remember what we packed now. We breathe deeply and decide to place the few pieces of...

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The Center of My Home

Feb. 11th. I know that the kitchen is considered the heart of the home but I love a great bed.  Our new bed arrived today…. No more sleeping on the Air Bed that requires pumping several times. No more tossing and waking with no room to turn, with no place for knees or bending of limbs. Our glorious king sized bed is...

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Becoming a Team Player

Feb. 9th. This is the theme that runs through my life now. Who can I work with or partner with to make something much greater than it would be if were to continue alone? I am fortunate to have a husband who is also my business partner for Handprints On My Heart®  We clearly have distinctly different talents and skills yet we...

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One Step Forward Two Steps Back

Feb. 8th I have a saboteur that lives within me that diverts my attention and creates a lack of focus at times. This is the same saboteur that gives me migraine headaches and stirs doubts when I least expect it. Yesterday I awoke with a terrific migraine. I never know what will trigger one, I have tried to keep a food diary...

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Stepping Forward

Feb. 7th. If I am to become the person I envision, I must be willing to open myself to new people and to becoming a team player. In the past I have worked alone, creating my art alone and wearing many hats in my own business. Now I am being called upon to work with others. To allow others to do what they do best and allow...

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