Thanks To Moms

Here’s something to Feel Good About Today… May 10. God bless mothers everywhere, we wouldn’t be here without them. Mother’s Day is bittersweet for me. Since my mom passed away, it’s never been the same. Still I remember her with joy; love and gratitude for her gifts to me were many. Because of her love I have been...

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Speaking The Truth

Here’s something to Feel Good About Today… May 9rd. My friend called to thank me for a conversation we had the day before. I listened and told her that everything I said to her was the truth. She just needed some time to search her heart and know that it was right for her to take an action by speaking up. It’s...

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Blogging is Fun

May 9th. We hired someone really great named Dave, to help with the sign up to several social networks. It’s really exciting to see that people are reading my blog and that the number is growing. I’m really enjoying sharing and I feel good that others appreciate and are reading what I have to say. I could not do this...

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Relationships Are Key

May 8th.                Here’s Something to Feel Good About Today… Think about what it might feel like to wake up one day with amnesia. Imagine not recognizing the people in your life or them suddenly not remembering you. I look to those I love for affirmation. They help me to feel grounded and act as mirrors to...

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Business Is Personal

May 8th. How I conduct myself personally has everything to do with how I conduct my business. I see it all as a reflection of my attitude and my beliefs. It’s up to me to be positive even when I am feeling doubtful.  When I am optimistic I attract the positive. The challenge is to get myself back to feeling good and being...

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Living Fearlessly

May 7th.                Here’s Something to Feel Good About Today… Everyone has doubt, we all have fears. Life is a series of challenges and everyone has their own to overcome. My dad referred it as having our own package. I like to think that turning that package into a gift is the reason we are alive. I know...

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