Who Cares about Heirlooms?

Feb. 6th. This is the e-mail I received today from Erin, my new niece by marriage to my nephew Adam. “Hi Marlene, Thank you soooooooooooooo much for all the stuff from your parents. I read your letter out loud to Adam and it brought a lot of tears to my eyes. Actually now that I think about it my eyes are getting a little...

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Small Things Matter

Feb. 5th. There are a few things that don’t cost much that make all the difference for me to make my home wherever I am.  I relish a long hot bath at the end of the day, along with a plush towel to wrap myself in and a few wonderful smelling fragrances in my bath, Mandarin Orange, Cucumber Melon, Sea Breeze.  I so enjoy a...

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Being Present

Feb. 4th It’s amazing how little I really need to live. We have been sleeping on an Air Bed, using paper plates and a few borrowed towels.  Our apartment is empty as the selected few pieces of furniture we have sent have not arrived yet.  We had our first meal on a card table sitting on folding chairs. We are enjoying the...

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Arriving Safely

Feb. 3rd. I unpacked the few possessions that we carried with us in our two suitcases. Everything is put away. Sign in at the management office. Wait for Cable hook up. Feel connected once it is. Take a nap, go to meet up internet meeting. Have late dinner. After food shopping I put away groceries away and crash, exhausted...

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Moving Day

Feb. 2nd. I look at what we have accomplished in just a month with focus and action! House is on the market for sale or rental. POD is cleaned out, items distributed to charities, sold, given to family members and friends, or discarded.  As difficult as it is to leave the house its nothing compared to saying good-bye to...

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Tying Loose Ends

Feb. 1st. Last minute details are tended to. Lindsay’s a big help, moving boxes and packing computer equipment. The day slips away. After dinner we hang out again. She places her head on my lap and I stroke her hair and ask her how she is feeling about our moving. She is clearly upset. We hug. “I’m not happy about it but...

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