Closure With Lindsay

Jan. 30st.                                                                                            Today is Lindsay’s 23rd birthday.  I listen to all that is going on and not going on in her world. I remember what it feels like...

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An Evening with Dragons

Jan. 29th Tonight we will celebrate our farewell with a dinner invitation to a friend Gayle’s house.  The dining table is set in a curious way. In the center are 4 Resin Chinese Dragons. On each of our place setting is a red string with a tiny metal dragon symbol and a couple of brass bells.  After dinner Gayle, wishes us...

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There is Magic in Letting Go

Jan. 28th. Spending a lot of time today, still sorting and discarding old files. Had very little sleep and pushing too hard, but the movers are coming in just a few days. Don’t want to keep taking this stuff from place to place. It’s time to finally look through it all and take only what I really need. The UPS man comes to...

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Shedding Skin

Jan. 27th I get a call in response to the ad and drive an hour to sell the Massage table. I still have things to pack a lot of work files to sort and I’m feeling stressed. Watching my behavior I can see my unacknowledged fears are causing me to work non-stop without breaks. My routine is shot to hell and I am not taking as...

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Passing It On

Jan. 26th. I decided to give my niece and four nephews some of my parent’s heirlooms. Passing them on to the next generation is surely a way to hold memories, retell stories and pass the love to the next generation. I hold the 3 wrist watches that belonged to my dad. I keep one, and pack two of them to mail with a personal...

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Gifts To The Universe

Jan. 25th Not much time left before the move. I have no idea who will respond to the ads I placed on Craig’s list to sell my Reiki Massage table for half price. Getting down to the wire, our neighbor Michele comes by with a friend and takes a bunch of household items. A furniture consignment shop takes some valuable antique...

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