The Weight Of Possessions

Jan. 19th. I’m thinking of a woman I know who once worked with me. She saved and collected practically everything she could get her hands on. Her station wagon was so filled with stuff she could barely drive it. Her house was so cluttered she was embarrassed to have anyone visit.  I wonder what makes someone want to collect...

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Jan. 18, 2009 It’s much better to spin my thoughts on paper than to create chaos in the world. When I am feeling ungrounded, I am learning to stop and BREATHE.  I set my emotions aside and make a list of what to bring into my new life and what to leave behind.  It’s all very rational and practical. I consider my new...

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The Meltdown Begins

Jan. 17, 2009 It’s clearly a bathrobe day.  If I am to be kind to myself I must on occasion allow myself to have one. I have opened the flood gates when I opened those boxes. I look around this house.  For so many years it has been the place we have celebrated the holidays with my in-laws. For the past four years it has...

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Letting Go of Grief

Jan. 16 It has been about four years since I opened these two sealed boxes. When my parents died in 2000, within eight months of each other I made 2 boxes of memorabilia, one for each of them to contain a few small selected items to remember them by.  I survey their contents on the living room floor. My dad’s box holds one...

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What to Take

Jan. 15, 2009 I will not leave behind whatever brings me pleasure for viewing, holding or remembering. Photographs of friends, family and pets that span my lifetime, the body of artwork I have spent years creating, objects that remind me of people and places that have shared my life. I will pack my mom’s teacups along with...

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Taking Time To Decide

Jan. 14 I take a break from the emotional cleaning, and go back to the drawers that are easy to open, the closets that are easy to clear. The treasures of my past will be there tomorrow and I will be ready to listen to the stories that they have to tell. For today I need to stay present and joyful so that I may clear fresh...

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