Connecting to Friends

Jan. 13, 2009 A welcome break comes.  The first Tuesday of the month is the day set aside to connect with my special group of women friends, my Circle of Light. They asked if I might come into NYC for a going away meeting before my big move. Half of us live on the East coast and my moving West will split our group of eight...

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Letting Go While Holding On

Jan. 12, 2009 Today I begin to open a few of those sealed boxes. The contents tug at my heart.  My mom’s teacup collection, given to me a few months before she died, the pencil sketch of my dad in uniform while  stationed in Italy during World War Two. I’ve saved this memorabilia to remind me of both of my parents,...

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Jan. 11, 2009 My day begins with resolve to LET GO of whatever I can. After methodically scanning the contents of the POD, I take a few moments to sit in my old drafting chair. I recall a time when it was brand new and I was exhilarated when it was delivered. This chair and this drafting table where once the center of my...

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The Struggle Begins

Jan. 10, 2009 It‘s easy to let go of those too tight jeans, much harder to let go of inanimate objects that hold so many memories. I survey the items that have been tucked so neatly out of sight. My heart sinks when I look at my oversized drafting table and chair. They suddenly look like old friends that I have abandoned. I...

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Reopening Sealed Boxes

Jan. 9, 2009 It’s all moving smoothly until Robert’s friend Aubrey arrives to help us unload the contents of our POD. Robert reminds me that I have a lot of boxes and other stuff that I need to decide to take, sell, leave behind or trash. Frankly, I can’t recall what I felt was so important that I had to hold onto it in...

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Clearing Clutter

Jan. 8, 2009 The sorting and sifting process is well underway.  I’ve tried to keep some semblance of order, but it seems impossible. Chaos spills from one room to the next; the house is in total disarray. My step daughter Lindsay arrives amidst the turmoil and gets first pick of the cast always, then Michele our neighbor. ...

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