Opening Closets, Emptying Drawers

Jan. 7, 2009 I start with my clothing and begin to make piles. What to keep gets packed, what to donate is placed in large trash bags, worn out garments are trashed. It feels great to clean out every drawer and closet.  It’s easier than I thought it would be to let go of garments that no longer fit, and items that no longer...

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All That Baggage

Jan. 6, 2009 A POD is a temporary storage space that is transportable. At different times in my life, my varying storage spaces have been anything but temporary. Being an artist and a writer there is always merchandize that I feel I must have for business reasons or for inspiration. This POD holds our stuff, some of my in-laws...

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The Process Begins

Jan. 5, 2009 At first packing seems pretty cut and dry. After all, this isn’t the first time I’ve pulled up my roots to begin again. However, at this point in my life, I am determined to LIVE LIGHTLY. That means letting go of as much clutter as possible. With so large a task ahead of us I do what I usually do, make a list...

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Sink or Swim

Jan. 4, 2009 When I don’t stop to acknowledge them, mixed emotions, make me spin.  I’m spinning now. We are leaving by choice but I would feel a lot less fearful if we had a buyer or renter before we take the big plunge.  I am doing my best to focus on a positive outcome. Reminding myself to focus on only what I wish to...

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Taking A Risk

Jan. 3, 2009 Some things can be both a blessing and a curse at the same time. This house was at first a haven, now it has become an albatross. The good news is that we have a business we feel passionate about creating and a place we are excited to make our new lives in. We have decided to put our fears aside and despite...

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Flying Without A Net

Jan. 2, 2009 At fifty-five I am embarking on an exciting chapter in my life to create the life I imagine. In just a few weeks, I will be moving with my husband Robert and our cats 3,000 miles across country from Westhampton Beach, to the San Francisco Bay area.  We will leave behind all that is familiar on the East Coast,...

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