Finding Acceptance

May 7th. I’m tired today. I think the impact of what I learned last night has finally sunk in. Changing my diet and sticking to it, is not an option, it’s a necessity. I’ve stopped and started and been good and then cheated, and each time the results have become clearer. I cannot do this in half measure and expect full...

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Turning Life Around….

May 6th.                Here’s Something to Feel Good About Today… This morning the alarm on my husband’s car went off and as a result the battery died. I was angry because he had a dental appointment, so I was the one who had to wait for AAA.  I had planned on having a productive day and this really put a...

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Taking Responsibility

May 6th. Since I moved to CA a lot has come to light regarding my health issues and the underlying cause. What Dr.’s in NY had not diagnosed correctly was picked up right away, when test results proved I have intolerance to gluten. I just go home from a lecture at Whole Foods on the wide range of effects that gluten has and how...

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Finding Joy….

May 5th.                Here’s Something to Feel Good About Today… There’s a handyman, named Victor who works in my complex. I bump into him often in passing and every time I do, he greets me with a warm hello and a big smile. Here’s a man who does make a lot of money at his job, and may not be recognized for...

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Mapping Out A Plan

May 5th. Ideas are great but execution is everything. Incorporating all the functions we envision for the website is no easy task. Talking it through and creating a visual map enabled us to put all the pieces together. It’s all a work in progress and while there may be several iterations before we launch, it’s a really great...

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No Time To Waste

May 4n Mondays are invigorating. I look forward to a productive week and day by day enjoy building my dream. It’s so exciting to witness a piece of my artwork applied to a product prototype and become a usable item for others to enjoy. Be In the Moment clocks will be the first in our collection of meaningful and empowering...

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