When I moved to CA I created a wish list. This included my desire to find affordable Yoga classes and a spiritual community I could feel part of. A new friend, recommended a spiritual center in San Jose and suggested I attend a Sunday Sermon. What immediately struck me was that they had built the center around a giant...

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Pictures Make A Home

I decided I was tired of looking at the unpacked boxes from our move in Feb. It’s so unlike me not to have gone through them the first week after we arrived. But the reality is that there were so many other more pressing and important things to do that those boxes were a very low priority. What I discovered as I sorted through...

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A Fresh Start

Every day is an opportunity for me to start over. Today I am re-evaluating all areas of my life, looking at what is balanced and what needs more loving attention. There is only so much I can accomplish in a day, but one day at a time I can manage to make the shifts I need to make and focus on areas that require strengthening....

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Time For A Family Skype

April 16th. It’s my sister Meryl’s birthday so we arranged a time to Skype. It’s wonderful to catch up with my family on the East Coast. My other sister Fredley was there as well as my niece, her fiancé and my brother-in law. Our lives are very different but there is a love between me and my sisters that transcends...

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Tweets On Twitter

April 15th. How can I convey my message in 140 characters on Twitter?  My first attempt came out to be 260 characters. After four more rounds of editing I finally managed to cut it down to just a few key words. In the end it worked, providing an important lesson on how little I really need to say if my words are carefully...

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Keep An Open Mind

April 14th. That goes for everything in my life. The universe is always asking me to open to new ideas, new possibilities and new situations. Opportunities will come through existing and new relationships. It’s up to me to be open to looking at everything and everyone in light of the potential there may be for my growth and...

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