Small Things Make A Big Difference

April 13th. I spent $9.00 today on something that made me feel good. I was in Whole Food and purchased a bunch of bright yellow daffodils and a tiny potted daffodil plant. It almost looks like a bonsai daffodil. I separated the daffodils into three bunches; the largest went on the dining table with a ribbon around the vase. ...

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Looking Forward

April 12th. Like anything else, I must approach my health and my new diet with what I can have, not what I can’t. There must be a positive trade off to make a change in any new behavior. I spent some time at Whole Foods and found some healthy gluten free foods. I had no idea there are so many alternatives. Apparently I am...

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Changing Life, Changing Diet

April 11th. I eat a pretty balanced and healthy diet, but because of a few health issues I was recently tested for gluten sensitivity. I knew I had an allergy to dairy but when the results came back positive for wheat and wheat gluten sensitivity, I was not happy.  That includes barley, rye, and some kinds of oatmeal. I took...

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1st. Good News Blog

Photo of Co-founder Marlene Moore Gordon 1st Good News Blog   Hello dear friends and family!  I want to invite you weekly to my blog at Every Monday I will share an update about our progress for HandPrints On My Heart, a new personal entry in my diary about the triumphs and challenges of changing life in...

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Old Behaviors Die Hard

April 10th. I am looking at how I use food to reduce stress and numb my feelings. To look at me you would never know that I am addicted to sugar or carbs.  I’m not overweight and I look like I’m in the best of health. The truth is that when I am feeling stressed, anxious or fearful, I reach for the sugar or the chips....

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New Ways To Create

April 9th. We bought a digital video camera, to film instructions on how to navigate our website and to interview people as they share their handprints stories. We spoke to the web developer about creating our online shop. It’s all very exciting….. I’m so happy to be back to creating it’s a whole new arena for my ideas...

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