Why We Need Wisdom Now

Living near Silicon Valley is an interesting experience. People from around the world come to add their piece of brilliance to this Mecca of technology that influences our life. It’s a cool thing to be right at the hub of all that’s new and popping. But something is missing; at least for me, it’s an active source of...

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Find Your Man Now

I’m known for going off about what not to do when you want to find love. The truth is I had to tell myself that I was driving the love car in the wrong direction. Someone asked me for guidance so  I wrote this. I hope it supports you in your love quest. I’ve got to talk about it. I have to because it’s in our yards. I...

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Calling all artist who are on the ledge. Don’t jump! (read this first)

She called me up. Talk me off the ledge, she said. I’m up here and I can’t get down. I’m stuck. I can’t get to my work. Her work is the very thing that scares her—her precious work that, when completed, will become our treasure. Her soul was crying for release, asking for her to go big, to create and release this beauty...

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A Spiritually Flawed Me or When I’m Mean I’m Human.

  I’m in the business of consciousness and spirituality. I’m no saint. Oh, how I wish I was; then I’d never feel ashamed of some of the things that fly out of my mouth when I’m in a dark mood. I was watching the Bravo TV series “Housewives of something or other” and one of the women put my thinking so aptly:...

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Write Like A MotherF!#@$!

That was the caption on a mug I saw on the web. I don’t know how I arrived at this website but you all know how that works—finding yourself at your next place before you’re ready to arrive. Uh hum, that little happy place (that’s sarcasm y’all). Hmmm, if only I could. I detest writing. I find it an inexplicably painful...

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