For A Better Relationship,Walk In Their Shoes

“Here’s Something New To Feel Good About Today!” Is there someone in your life that you find especially difficult to deal with? Watch the movie, In Her Shoes; you might gain a different perspective on improving relationships. Last night as I was skipping channels on HBO, I came across this movie from 2005. I was...

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How to Let Go of the Past to Avoid Holiday Crazies!

Here’s Something New to Feel Good About Today! “Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.” Anonymous Does the thought of family holiday gatherings make you feel anxious? It could be time for you to do some letting go. For many of us...

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Albanian Orphan

A green-eyed child in torn shorts asked for the gum from my mouth as I waited at customs in Tirana, Albania. I had just arrived with a group of volunteers who had been asked to work in and assess orphanages in what was then “the poorest country in the world.” Since a child born out of wedlock was not accepted in this country, and “no man raises another man’s child,” we were told the orphanages were black holes where babies and children were warehoused.

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Be Kind To Yourself and Others

Here’s Something New to Feel Good About Today! Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. Dalai Lama Do you ever use critical, judgmental or harsh words with yourself? Consider it time for a positive change. Today try speaking to yourself with only uplifting and empowering words. In time I think you’ll see that...

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A Spiritually Flawed Me or When I’m Mean I’m Human.

  I’m in the business of consciousness and spirituality. I’m no saint. Oh, how I wish I was; then I’d never feel ashamed of some of the things that fly out of my mouth when I’m in a dark mood. I was watching the Bravo TV series “Housewives of something or other” and one of the women put my thinking so aptly:...

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New Eyes

Here’s Something To Feel Good About Today… On my way to do a few errands, I passed a homeless man begging on the side of the road. He looked about forty. His scraggly beard, over sized filthy clothes and the small pile of belongings by his side, told me he had been displaced for a very long time. I handed him a $10.00 bill and...

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