My Mom’s Teacups

As a little girl, I was in awe of my mother’s china teacups; each unique, delicate and exquisite. For special occasions I helped her to set the dining table.

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This Too, Shall Pass

My dad carried me up the narrow winding staircase to my bedroom. I had left home weighing all of ninety pounds, but with this plaster of paris body cast, I was a real load.

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Conversations With Twilight

“Close your eyes; tight. Imagine the story I’m reading. Can you taste it? What are the smells?” my father would ask.

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Wedding Magic

When Sarah, told us a few months ago that it was her wish for all of the guests at her nuptials to wear white or ivory, many of us knew we would have to go shopping.

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Daddy’s Little Girl, Father’s Day Tribute

“Here’s Something To Feel Good About Today!” “Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes.” ~Gloria Naylor The bond between a daughter and her father is a deeply powerful one. At any age, regardless of nationality, color or creed, the role that our Dads play in our lives stays with us for a...

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The Unexpected Gift

I could not have guessed that my dad’s death would be the catalyst to begin a sharing circle among women. It is not something he or I, would have imagined.

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