My Mom’s Teacups

As a little girl, I was in awe of my mother’s china teacups; each unique, delicate and exquisite. For special occasions I helped her to set the dining table.

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My Grandmother’s Garden

While I was growing up, my grandmother had the most fantastic garden in the entire neighborhood! Flowers of every hue, fragrance, and description fairly burst into bloom each spring.

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Family Ties

Until I was fourteen years old, I had never had anyone close to me die. When I met Marlene's parents, I was seven; while she was still my dad's girlfriend. On the day before Passover, after a four hour drive, we arrived in Walpole, Massachusetts. We got out of the car, took our bags, and buzzed up to the apartment with the name Harvey under it. There was another buzz, the door opened, and we went in.

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From Father to Daughter

The morning sun warms my father’s wavy gray hair as we stand in the field among the blue spruces. It’s my first time planting a tree: he shows me how to dig, pushing down on the edge of the shovel with my foot, then teaching me how to mold and flatten the earth around my sapling. There isn’t much conversation, just a quiet companionship, as enduring and solid as the earth beneath our feet.

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Time Purchased

My father-in-law did just that. John Knapp, Sr. was a family doctor, with many interests. He loved to travel and to discuss politics. He was fascinated by the stock market, and regularly read several financial magazines. “Investing made my future secure,” he observed in his older years. “As a ‘poor country doctor’ making house calls in the mountains of Tennessee and delivering babies for $50 each, I was not in the same league as doctors today.”

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Create Your Path

Here’s Something To Feel Good About Today! “Most people follow the path of those before them; those with a dream and the courage to pursue it forge their own.” Marlene Moore Gordon Life is precious and tenuous and we are all mortal. The question we each must face and hopefully come to terms with, is how will we spend our...

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